Friday, April 23, 2010

Those 180's elude me!!!

Weighed in again this morning at 192.4... gotta stay away from those bad things!! I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend again this week... gotta love Boneless Thursdays! Can't handle the naked tenders so I get the regular boneless wings... Gotta keep away from the mcdonald's sweet tea at 230 calories per time... too many calories for a drink (at least I broke the frappe habit when I found out they had 370 calories!!!).

Today's plan is to not do day three of C25K (but will do that tomorrow before I go to work... yes I gotta work Saturdays now until the apartments are at 95% occupancy!! :( boooooooo). Instead I am gonna push it on the elliptical (haven't been on that for awhile (since I started the C25K) Gonna do the intervals and really push it! Planning on at least 30 mins of really hard intervals and then possibly the strength training. Need to mix it up! I think that 190 this week was a tease! I am stuck at 192. I have been getting stuck a lot and it is very frustrating. But I really can't complain because I really don't know how long it has been since I have weighed so little! Thinking maybe I need a fill. I know I am sitting down this weekend to go over my materials. Regroup, tweak, get motivated again. I really didn't think I lost my motivation, but I feel as if I lost my mojo! Only two more weeks until the 5k - getting seriously nervous but am going to look on the internet and find a bunch of info on races so I feel a little more prepared. Probably going to drive out there this weekend and drive the course (can't walk or run it since it is on the busiest road in the area and rain is forcasted all weekend - guess that means CLEANING time).

Keep up the good fight today - ward off that inner fat chick! My inner chick is a hot sexy mama waiting to get out! And I am wearing a new outfit today that makes me feel super hot. See pictures! The jeans fit fab and are a size 14 and the top is a size MEDIUM!! I have never wore a medium before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Absolutely LOVE your positive attitude! That's right, girl. You are hawt!

  2. Keep on rocking it girl ! Great attitude.. you'll hit 180s SOON !!! You look great !

  3. That picture is not me!! LOL! That is from Fashion Bug's website.... I will try to post one of me wearing the outfit!!