Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rough day after fill....

Well I got a fill on Tuesday. The first time she put in saline the water went right through. The second addition made me feel restricted.

I should have known better.

Breakfast was fine... a Fiber One muffin.. they are yum... chocolate chip banana! 28% of your daily fiber. And a fried egg. Another one of my favorites. The came lunch. Lunch was a nightmare. I had a lean cuisine pizza. I tried cooking it in the oven because I am sorry but the ones cooked in the microwave I am not a fan of! Well I checked on it and the crust was brown; put my finger in it and it seemed ok. Took it out of the oven and cut into it... ice cold in the middle. Put it in the microwave (could have saved a half hour!) and cooked it the rest of the way. I ate the pepperonis off the top and then cut a piece of the pizza. I guess I did not chew those pepperonis good enough. For the next two hours I spend lots of time in the bathroom. I would think that my opening was cleared but then I would try to drink and that would collect in my pouch and then back into the bathroom and I would have to bring that back up too. It was totally disgusting!

I should have known better. The last fill was similar. I was tight the next day but then the days following were better.

So for dinner I had half a chicken breast and later we cleaned up the library for Girl Scouts and the kids had ice cream. I had a Raspberry banana smoothie. YUM! It took me TWO HOURS to finish a small smoothie. So here's hoping today is better! No Buffalo Wild Wings for me today!! Even though it is BONELESS WING THURSDAY!! Only 60 cents a wing! Teryiaki and Parmesan Garlic! I am addicted to those!

Good news is that I finally broke into the 180's!! I weighed in at 188.0 this morning!! I am astounded, I can't believe it! I finally figured out how my HRM works and yesterday I burned 507 calories working out. I had to skip the 30 min jog since I kept having to rush to the bathroom but I got in 30 mins of elliptical intervals. Tried doing some ab work too but that did not go so well!! Today is my rest day! Going to Janesville after I get off at noon and going shopping for the hub's birthday. I will look at Menard's for the jawhorse. Or he is getting video games. But my mother in law did ask if there was anything that we could go together on.

Not much else going on except to figure out how I am going to get my daughter dinner since she has softball at 5 pm and dance at 6:30... Busy day and then I still have to get the kid packed for tomorrow's campout! On to the day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got a Fill today, JOGGED FOR 30 MINS!

I am not sure how much fluid is in my band. I think it is around 3.4 ccs or so. Yesterday I noticed I hadn't seen my surgeon since February (I didn't make the follow up appt when I was there last) so I called to make an appointment. They said they had an opening tomorrow (today) at 9 am so I took it.

It is always great to go into the office because they are always so complimentary. We talked and I had lost 11 pounds since my last visit. The nurse wanted to know if I needed a fill. I thought I did so she got everything ready. My surgeon came in and put fluid in the band. I drank the water and told her I felt like it went right through. She put more and I said it felt good. So of course I am STARVING right now because I have to do the liquids until tomorrow morning. Muscle Milk here I come (lunch and dinner). Good protein source but not very satisfying! I will make it to the 180s this week!

My schedule is super crazy this week:
Tuesday: Morgan has dance, zumba at 6pm (getting there at 5:30 pm, will probably do some elliptical and STRENGTH TRAINING!!

Wednesday: Girl Scout meeting - we are cleaning up the local library, day 2 of Week 9 of C25K

Thursday: Morgan has softball and dance, shopping for hub's present(s) - still don't know what he wants! Work out - elliptical for 30 mins and STRENGTH TRAINING!!

Friday: Mike and the kids are going camping...I will meet them on Saturday at the campout after I work (yes, ugh, I have to work Sats until the apartments are occupied at 95%) LAST DAY OF C25K - GRADUATION DAY! A DAY TO CELEBRATE!!

Sat: Hubby's birthday... meeting them at campout (I MAY brave the climbing wall.... don't know!!) and then out for dinner (Mike has a free "birthday burger" but I have no idea what I am going to be able to eat there... I think I will talk to the server and play the "lap band card" to order a kids burger... I have done it at Buffalo Wild Wings...

Sunday: I am sure I will be cleaning house... out

**Note- thank goodness for the autosave or I would have lost this entire post!!

On another note I will finally be completing the Couch to 5K program this week! I can't believe it!! I am so excited!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's a Rainy Saturday and I hate Skinny jeans!

Well getting up the motivation to finish off week 8 of C25K (planning on tackling right after this blog... it is raining and my workout bag is in the car...)

After the workout it is off to WORK BOOOOO. Not much to do on Saturdays and I have to bring my son since the hub is off to Madison to the REI scratch and dent sale. He took the 11 yr old.

Went shopping last night... my 11 year old daughter was on the quest for "skinny jeans". Damn her! Skinny jeans... so not for me. She was too excited to be a size 0 in juniors! I am definitely watching that situation! It is funny cuz she just talked to me last night about a talk they had on peer pressure... doesn't she see that skinny jeans are another form of peer pressure?? I bought a new shirt and necklace to go with (I am all about the accessories lately!) and a new pair of shoes. In the past I would have never bought these shoes... they had a heel! But they were Aerosoles and they were comfy for being heels. I can wear them with dress pants or jeans!

Well I am off to workout... will let you know how it goes! Only one week left for C25K and then one more week to the actual 5K! The trainer at the gym asked if I was "ready". I told her I didn't think I would ever be "ready"! Today I also need to scour the internets for hints, info, etc on 5k's!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Those 180's elude me!!!

Weighed in again this morning at 192.4... gotta stay away from those bad things!! I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend again this week... gotta love Boneless Thursdays! Can't handle the naked tenders so I get the regular boneless wings... Gotta keep away from the mcdonald's sweet tea at 230 calories per time... too many calories for a drink (at least I broke the frappe habit when I found out they had 370 calories!!!).

Today's plan is to not do day three of C25K (but will do that tomorrow before I go to work... yes I gotta work Saturdays now until the apartments are at 95% occupancy!! :( boooooooo). Instead I am gonna push it on the elliptical (haven't been on that for awhile (since I started the C25K) Gonna do the intervals and really push it! Planning on at least 30 mins of really hard intervals and then possibly the strength training. Need to mix it up! I think that 190 this week was a tease! I am stuck at 192. I have been getting stuck a lot and it is very frustrating. But I really can't complain because I really don't know how long it has been since I have weighed so little! Thinking maybe I need a fill. I know I am sitting down this weekend to go over my materials. Regroup, tweak, get motivated again. I really didn't think I lost my motivation, but I feel as if I lost my mojo! Only two more weeks until the 5k - getting seriously nervous but am going to look on the internet and find a bunch of info on races so I feel a little more prepared. Probably going to drive out there this weekend and drive the course (can't walk or run it since it is on the busiest road in the area and rain is forcasted all weekend - guess that means CLEANING time).

Keep up the good fight today - ward off that inner fat chick! My inner chick is a hot sexy mama waiting to get out! And I am wearing a new outfit today that makes me feel super hot. See pictures! The jeans fit fab and are a size 14 and the top is a size MEDIUM!! I have never wore a medium before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I did it... signed up for the Lake Geneva (WI) 5K... so nervous you can't even imagine! I have only run on a treadmill so far! I want to drive the course to find out the terrain... I know there is a big honkin hill at the beginning and that it is a loop so the big honkin hill may work to my advantage on the way back to the finish!! I am so psyched!


I know that seems like a silly goal but I have never done anything like this before in my life. I was never in any competitive sport (except softball in 9th grade lol). I don't care if I finish last (well I kinda do) but last year I would have never imagined doing this! Fitness has worked its way to be a big part of my life and I am always looking for ways to be active. I try to involve the family too. My husband is working the event.. but the marathon portion so wouldn't that have been cool to have run by him with him cheering me on? I am going to ask my daughter to be there when I start and finish... her and I have really been close ever since she was small and I cherish that every day! There will come a day when she doesn't want to hang with me! So I am taking advantage of every moment NOW!

I bought myself some pretty tank tops to work out in... maybe wear on race day! PINK of course! Bright pink so I can be seen a long ways away (not really, pink is just my fave color!!). I don't know if anybody else is like this but I think I am going to bawl like a baby at the finish line! I tear up when I hit the goal on the C25K !!! lol!

So if anybody has any hints, race etiquette pointers, gear, etc I would REALLY appreciate the advice, comments, encouragement!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday's report/Lap band info

Of course I weighed myself this morning. I find that if I weigh every day it keeps me on track. This morning I weighed in at 190.6! It is official that I lost 65 total pounds. So close to that 180's!! Gonna be there this week... I am determined!!

And BTW, I FOR THE FIRST TIME WEIGH LESS THAN MY HUSBAND!!! Well he is 5'8" (I am 5' 2" on a good day!) but that makes me proud... and motivates him more!!! lol! I tried to talk him into running the 5K with me but the Boy Scout Pack is working the event!

Talked to my hubby about the 5K. I am waiting on an answer from the Race Administrator because I am a little confused about the course... do they usually loop around or are they one way? I have seen finish pictures so it is making me think it is a loop because the race ends where it says it takes off (but those could be the marathon pics and not the 5 or 10K pics.).

Food wise I did good:
Breakfast: High protein cereal with skim milk (don't drink the milk)
Lunch: lean cuisine cranberry chicken with rice pilaf, cranberries, etc (very yummy but not enough chicken!!)
Dinner: planned on having manicotti but the hubby forgot to put it in the oven (right after I talked to him!! lol) Ended up having a chicken taco on a hard shell (tortillas a no no - get stuck!) and an order of nachos.
Later on I had a light mocha java chip frapuccino. Was my treat for grocery shopping. Bought myself an awesome pair of lee jeans (no mom jeans for me!!). Weren't as dark wash as I would have liked but they look FANTASTIC! I am so loving them! They were a 14p - usually I have a hard time with jeans. I don't have to hem these!!

Did the distance of a 5K but took me 49 minutes! Will spend the next three weeks improving this time!! Total exercise 55 mins on the treadmill.

Today's plan:
Workout 30 mins on elliptical and then do my strength training circuit. Gonna try a new exercise for my thighs!

Extracurricular activities with the family:
5 pm Morgan has a meeting at the park for softball... she doesn't have a glove yet... gotta get her one.. think practices start next week! Games are not till summer (?).
5:15 pm Morgan has dance (jazz)... not gonna make it tonight!
6:30 pm Morgan has another dance class! Ballet this time. Only seven weeks left until recital time! She has three classes this year and is still deciding if she will take summer classes because she did not get her pointe trainers this year but was told if she takes two classes this summer she will get them... depends on the schedule and the softball commitment....

Trying to talk my daughter (who is 11) into running with me. She thinks she will look "stupid". I told her that is how I felt at first, with all my parts jiggling! But my parts don't jiggle much any more! She was telling me how she walked at 4 mph and I chuckled and said that is great, because I jog at 4.1!! But I will get better!

About my lap band experience so far....
It has been great. I haven't had an appointment with my dr in awhile but I don't think I need a fill right now. I have had three fills (I think - maybe four?). I have the lap band brand and have about 3.3 ccs of fluid in my band. Interesting facts from the nutritionist. She says my "excess weight" is 99 pounds. (Of course I have my own goal in mind) That would make me weigh 153 lbs wich would still make me "overweight" :( Anyway, I started out with a BMI of 46 which is the catagory III obesity. MORBID obesity. Today I have a BMI of 35... which means I have lost 11 points in BMI. Another 2 lbs I will have a BMI of 34 which will bring me in the Catagory I obesity!! What a thing to celebrate! But I will focus on the POSITIVES!! I have lost 63% of my excess body weight. I have surpassed the 2 year goals for my program! I AM a "results not typical". I am motivated, I work out, I am getting fit, all these things contribute to my success. My lap band "team" is awesome. I have a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurses, nutritionist, support group, all to help me succeed! My nutritionist is even pushing me to do a triathalon this summer (end of summer). I entertained the thought but am still undecided. May a "mini tri" or something like that!

Nutritional goals:
1. Continue calorie and protein intake
2. Add more fruits and veggies (a weakness of mine!)
3. Increase strength training
4. Continue fluid intake
5. Continue multivitamin and calcium

So far that is it for today! Time to eat lunch and then go to the gym! Elliptical here I come!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My First 5K?

I have been seriously considering my first 5K. There is one very close to me in three weeks. Did I say THREE WEEKS?? Time to pump up the training!

I am gonna check with the hubby tonight to see if there are any other plans that weekend. Don't think there are! I am very pumped up!

Today I finished C25K week 8, day 1 but instead of doing for time, I did for mileage (to see how I would "finish" in a 5K). If I ran the 5K today, I would finish at 49 minutes (this is including the five minute warm up. I would finish the 3.1 miles in 49 minutes! Old ladies in walkers would pass me! But I am determined to keep it up and then see how much I can improve my time in the three weeks before the race.

Here I go.....!!