Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got a Fill today, JOGGED FOR 30 MINS!

I am not sure how much fluid is in my band. I think it is around 3.4 ccs or so. Yesterday I noticed I hadn't seen my surgeon since February (I didn't make the follow up appt when I was there last) so I called to make an appointment. They said they had an opening tomorrow (today) at 9 am so I took it.

It is always great to go into the office because they are always so complimentary. We talked and I had lost 11 pounds since my last visit. The nurse wanted to know if I needed a fill. I thought I did so she got everything ready. My surgeon came in and put fluid in the band. I drank the water and told her I felt like it went right through. She put more and I said it felt good. So of course I am STARVING right now because I have to do the liquids until tomorrow morning. Muscle Milk here I come (lunch and dinner). Good protein source but not very satisfying! I will make it to the 180s this week!

My schedule is super crazy this week:
Tuesday: Morgan has dance, zumba at 6pm (getting there at 5:30 pm, will probably do some elliptical and STRENGTH TRAINING!!

Wednesday: Girl Scout meeting - we are cleaning up the local library, day 2 of Week 9 of C25K

Thursday: Morgan has softball and dance, shopping for hub's present(s) - still don't know what he wants! Work out - elliptical for 30 mins and STRENGTH TRAINING!!

Friday: Mike and the kids are going camping...I will meet them on Saturday at the campout after I work (yes, ugh, I have to work Sats until the apartments are occupied at 95%) LAST DAY OF C25K - GRADUATION DAY! A DAY TO CELEBRATE!!

Sat: Hubby's birthday... meeting them at campout (I MAY brave the climbing wall.... don't know!!) and then out for dinner (Mike has a free "birthday burger" but I have no idea what I am going to be able to eat there... I think I will talk to the server and play the "lap band card" to order a kids burger... I have done it at Buffalo Wild Wings...

Sunday: I am sure I will be cleaning house... laundry...work out

**Note- thank goodness for the autosave or I would have lost this entire post!!

On another note I will finally be completing the Couch to 5K program this week! I can't believe it!! I am so excited!

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