Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday's report/Lap band info

Of course I weighed myself this morning. I find that if I weigh every day it keeps me on track. This morning I weighed in at 190.6! It is official that I lost 65 total pounds. So close to that 180's!! Gonna be there this week... I am determined!!

And BTW, I FOR THE FIRST TIME WEIGH LESS THAN MY HUSBAND!!! Well he is 5'8" (I am 5' 2" on a good day!) but that makes me proud... and motivates him more!!! lol! I tried to talk him into running the 5K with me but the Boy Scout Pack is working the event!

Talked to my hubby about the 5K. I am waiting on an answer from the Race Administrator because I am a little confused about the course... do they usually loop around or are they one way? I have seen finish pictures so it is making me think it is a loop because the race ends where it says it takes off (but those could be the marathon pics and not the 5 or 10K pics.).

Food wise I did good:
Breakfast: High protein cereal with skim milk (don't drink the milk)
Lunch: lean cuisine cranberry chicken with rice pilaf, cranberries, etc (very yummy but not enough chicken!!)
Dinner: planned on having manicotti but the hubby forgot to put it in the oven (right after I talked to him!! lol) Ended up having a chicken taco on a hard shell (tortillas a no no - get stuck!) and an order of nachos.
Later on I had a light mocha java chip frapuccino. Was my treat for grocery shopping. Bought myself an awesome pair of lee jeans (no mom jeans for me!!). Weren't as dark wash as I would have liked but they look FANTASTIC! I am so loving them! They were a 14p - usually I have a hard time with jeans. I don't have to hem these!!

Did the distance of a 5K but took me 49 minutes! Will spend the next three weeks improving this time!! Total exercise 55 mins on the treadmill.

Today's plan:
Workout 30 mins on elliptical and then do my strength training circuit. Gonna try a new exercise for my thighs!

Extracurricular activities with the family:
5 pm Morgan has a meeting at the park for softball... she doesn't have a glove yet... gotta get her one.. think practices start next week! Games are not till summer (?).
5:15 pm Morgan has dance (jazz)... not gonna make it tonight!
6:30 pm Morgan has another dance class! Ballet this time. Only seven weeks left until recital time! She has three classes this year and is still deciding if she will take summer classes because she did not get her pointe trainers this year but was told if she takes two classes this summer she will get them... depends on the schedule and the softball commitment....

Trying to talk my daughter (who is 11) into running with me. She thinks she will look "stupid". I told her that is how I felt at first, with all my parts jiggling! But my parts don't jiggle much any more! She was telling me how she walked at 4 mph and I chuckled and said that is great, because I jog at 4.1!! But I will get better!

About my lap band experience so far....
It has been great. I haven't had an appointment with my dr in awhile but I don't think I need a fill right now. I have had three fills (I think - maybe four?). I have the lap band brand and have about 3.3 ccs of fluid in my band. Interesting facts from the nutritionist. She says my "excess weight" is 99 pounds. (Of course I have my own goal in mind) That would make me weigh 153 lbs wich would still make me "overweight" :( Anyway, I started out with a BMI of 46 which is the catagory III obesity. MORBID obesity. Today I have a BMI of 35... which means I have lost 11 points in BMI. Another 2 lbs I will have a BMI of 34 which will bring me in the Catagory I obesity!! What a thing to celebrate! But I will focus on the POSITIVES!! I have lost 63% of my excess body weight. I have surpassed the 2 year goals for my program! I AM a "results not typical". I am motivated, I work out, I am getting fit, all these things contribute to my success. My lap band "team" is awesome. I have a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurses, nutritionist, support group, all to help me succeed! My nutritionist is even pushing me to do a triathalon this summer (end of summer). I entertained the thought but am still undecided. May a "mini tri" or something like that!

Nutritional goals:
1. Continue calorie and protein intake
2. Add more fruits and veggies (a weakness of mine!)
3. Increase strength training
4. Continue fluid intake
5. Continue multivitamin and calcium

So far that is it for today! Time to eat lunch and then go to the gym! Elliptical here I come!!

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