Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's a Rainy Saturday and I hate Skinny jeans!

Well getting up the motivation to finish off week 8 of C25K (planning on tackling right after this blog... it is raining and my workout bag is in the car...)

After the workout it is off to WORK BOOOOO. Not much to do on Saturdays and I have to bring my son since the hub is off to Madison to the REI scratch and dent sale. He took the 11 yr old.

Went shopping last night... my 11 year old daughter was on the quest for "skinny jeans". Damn her! Skinny jeans... so not for me. She was too excited to be a size 0 in juniors! I am definitely watching that situation! It is funny cuz she just talked to me last night about a talk they had on peer pressure... doesn't she see that skinny jeans are another form of peer pressure?? I bought a new shirt and necklace to go with (I am all about the accessories lately!) and a new pair of shoes. In the past I would have never bought these shoes... they had a heel! But they were Aerosoles and they were comfy for being heels. I can wear them with dress pants or jeans!

Well I am off to workout... will let you know how it goes! Only one week left for C25K and then one more week to the actual 5K! The trainer at the gym asked if I was "ready". I told her I didn't think I would ever be "ready"! Today I also need to scour the internets for hints, info, etc on 5k's!

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